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Considering a separation/divorce? There are things you need to know.

People get divorced every day, and it is good to plan ahead and be prepared when it comes to such a big life change, so we have put together a list of things to expect during a separation/divorce.


If you are going through a divorce:

  • Consider what process is best for you: mediation, collaboration, negotiating, litigation.
  • Expect that your spouse will be in your life for a period of time. You will have to engage with your spouse over the next 6-12 months as you both go through this transition, and it may be longer if you have children together.
  • Consider a financial counselor. A financial counselor/budget will help you and your spouse figure out the money/budget side of things but will also help you set your own financial budget for the coming days.
  • Expect to cry and lose your emotions. A divorce can be a traumatic experience especially for someone who has been in a marriage for a long time, and it is okay if you need to confide in someone, either a counselor or a friend to help you go through it.
  • Expect to have to hold back your emotions. There is a time and place for everything, and it is wise to try to keep your emotions balanced. Sometimes medication may be necessary and you should consult with your primary doctor.
  • Expect to have to make radical life changes. After years of cohabitating, sharing money and balancing time know that your separation will cause radical changes in your life.
  • If you plan to go to court, expect the court to move slowly. This entire process will not move as fast as you want it to, and our State of North Carolina requires a separation period of one year before you can file.

Remember going through a divorce can be very different and time consuming, but with the proper legal advice and decision making, it can be as painless as possible.

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