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Learn More About Our Raleigh Law Firm
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Our Experienced Raleigh Attorneys Value Integrity And Respect Your Unique Needs Learn More
Our Experienced Raleigh Attorneys Value Integrity And Respect Your Unique Needs
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Our Raleigh Lawyers Always Keep Your Best Interest In Mind Learn More
Our Raleigh Lawyers Always Keep Your Best Interest In Mind
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Raleigh Divorce, Separation, and Family Mediation Attorneys

The Law Corner, a Raleigh divorce and separation law firm, is dedicated to achieving excellence in both legal competency and customer satisfaction. The foundation of our practice is your happiness and we do everything we can to make that happen. Our attorneys genuinely care about their clients and, as a team, we are always in your corner and ready to do what is right and just for you. While we prefer settlement through tough negotiation, we are fully prepared and experienced in litigation. During these uncertain times, you can be certain that whatever happens, we have you covered. We have the competence, experience and integrity you deserve in your representation.

We are limited in our diversification of legal services to representing you competently in other areas such as estate planning, traffic, DUI, misdemeanor and small business matters. You can trust that if we do it, we do it well. Experience the difference in legal services today, call 919-424-8319 to schedule a $99, up to one hour, consultation.
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I have found Brian to be professional, knowledgeable, caring; and also got the feeling that he genuinely wanted to help me. I have all praise for him!

- MS

I wanted to thank you again for all your help, legal expertise and making me realize that a man who represents himself has a fool for an attorney. Because of you, that part of my life is going very well and Robin and I are two weeks from our 1st anniversary and I have never been happier except at the birth of my children.

- David B.

Brian was an excellent mediator during my divorce. He never rushed me and always answered my questions. I felt he was always forthcoming with information and was so knowledgeable about my situation. I recommend his practice and divorce mediation specifically. The experience was less emotionally driven and financially draining because of Brian's professionalism. Thanks Brian and Jessica.

- Molly K.

I searched aggressively for an attorney to represent me for a divorce settlement that had dragged on for 5 years. I read about Mr. Demidovich on the computer as well as talking to others about my case and dilemma. Most of them told me due to the lengthy case involvement they would not be able to represent me properly in such short notice. Mr. Demidovich did represent me and in days of research he want to court with my case and did a fantastic job. He was able to get my judgement reduced by 10s of thousands of dollars. I would recommend Mr. Demidovich to any friend or family member.

- D.P.

Kelly did a great job on explaining our will and expanded on questions we had. We are very happy with her services and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Kelly!

- anonymous

I highly recommend to seek Brian and his team from The Law Corner for advice and services.
Brian is straight forward, honest, and very direct with his clients, he protects their interest with passion and integrity. Brian and his team make sure that the outcome of their cases are as good as possible without making promises that they cannot uphold. His clients are presented with multiple different options for their case and are explained in detail the progress and the expected outcome. He then leaves it to the client to make an educated decision as to how they want to proceed. He tries to avoid court as much as possible, as in his opinion, no one ever truly wins. He is right in saying that it is costly, most times neither party gets all of what they are looking for, and the amount of stress is tremendous. However, if all other options are exhausted, he will fight for his clients’ interest in court. He is very professional and if needed he will fight “to the bitter end”. He shows up in court extremely prepared and organized. It becomes quickly obvious that other attorneys respect him and his team very much. His knowledge, experience, and reputation lead more often than not to an agreement between the opposing counsel and him before one even has to appear in front of the judge.
All that said, he goes above and beyond making sure that his clients get through this difficult time in their lives. Being a parent himself, he also truly cares about the children affected in divorces and makes sure that their best interest is taken into account as well. He helps seeing past emotions and looking at facts instead, making sure everything in a case is considered. Last, he never comes across that his work is just a means for him to make money. Quite the opposite, he often encourages his clients that at times it is better to compromise and wrap up a case and start healing and find peace rather than drawing out the case with intensified stress and financial strain that comes with a bitter divorce.

- Anonymous
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