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The Law Corner Testimonials

The testimonials listed are not all the feedback the firm has received. Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its individual merits.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

For more detailed experiences, please explore factual case studies from The Law Corner clients.

Matt Jackson assisted me with a civil matter and extended himself to help me resolve the issue. Matt was responsive when I had questions, explained my options thoroughly and was interested in what my overall goal was. I highly recommend Matt regarding family law matters. I am very grateful for his help.

- CC

I got married while in high school and had been trying to separate from my husband for three years. All the work was being done by myself, and I had no idea what else to do. I contacted The Law Corner and Brittany Morrison took my case immediately. After three years of confusing attorneys and courts, Morrison made everything finally seem clear. She was empathic, encouraging and knowledgeable. She updated me on every step of the process and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable. She finished my case in a short amount of time and with such precision, I will always recommend anyone to Brittany Morrison.

- AA

Matt was professional, and extremely knowledgeable regarding every topic regarding my recent separation. Matt showed his experience by understanding the details regarding child custody, finances, and property settlement. He made the process easier to understand and promptly answered every question I had via meeting, email, or phone call.

You should be proud to have Matt representing your firm. He was great to work with. Taylor and Julie were also very helpful with all questions and necessary documents needed every step of the way.

- MC

Good experience, worked with Brittany Morrison, she’s great and knowledgeable and would definitely would recommend her and the firm!

- MH

Matt was great helped me with my separation agreement, and then a few times after then when he didn’t have to. He was kind but to the point and listened well without any sugar coating.

- AW

I have worked with both Brittany and Brian, and can't say enough great things about them. They are no-nonsense professionals who don't play games, and get the job done promptly. Divorce is ugly, unfair, and seems to be a game to many. This is the law firm, and the people you need to make it as close to right as you are going to get. They are a fantastic value.

- MJ

Matt was very helpful in my long drawn out divorce..

- BD

Matt did a great job with informing me with all my rights and taking the time to listen to me. Very educative . I definitely recommend this office and Matt .

- WM

I absolutely recommend Matt Jackson.

- AS

Reasonable fees and pleasant, helpful and caring staff.

- GS

Matt Jackson is smart, as well as clever, professional, yet down-to-earth, effective, efficient and prepared. In court, when my ex-husband was lying, Matt was able to find the truth in the finest of details (on the spot - during the court proceeding) and skillfully point it out to the judge. Matt has an amazing ability to think on his feet and is impressive in the courtroom. He looks at things from all angles, inside and outside of the box, to come up with the strategy that works best for his client. Matt listened to me, was honest and figured out a plan that worked for my situation. I highly recommend Matt Jackson to anyone seeking excellent legal representation.

- PR

I am very happy with the services provided by the Law Corner. Brittany is very helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

- DS

Brian was honest, straightforward, knowledgeable, confident, good-humored, and had lots of good ideas. I enjoyed working with him at a difficult time for me personally and would certainly recommend him to others.

- GM

Brian and his team helped us through our mediation and filing our divorce with great efficiency. I couldn’t have been any happier with their service. Highly recommend!

- BG

Daniel O’Malley did an excellent job representing me in court. The cost was insignificant compared to the time saved by not having to appear in court in NC. Daniel said he could get my ticket reduced and as promised he delivered. I can't thank you enough!

- RW

I had a great experience working with Matt Jackson on my Separation Agreement and subsequently my Divorce. Matt is very knowledgeable, fair, and provides excellent guidance during some of the hardest situations life can throw at you. Matt remained professional and is quick to respond. He sees all tasks through to successful completion. I highly recommend Matt and The Law Corner.

- JA

I worked with Brittany regarding a stressful custody case. She was amazing, very attentive and quick to reply to emails or calls. She helped alleviate worries and helped me to understand the process I would go through. I cannot reccomend her enough.

- KR

Brian did an amazing job helping my wife and I with our legal separation. We decided to choose a much more peaceful approach with amicably going through the mediation process versus an expensive, feuding divorce. We realized that you can make a choice to have a lower-conflict parting to help work towards a healthy co-parenting relationship. Brian was very knowledgeable, personable and easy to get along with, and helped us to have an easier transition.

- AJ

Throughout the process of separation, Brian helped my husband and I achieve goals that seemed impossible during a very stressful time in our lives, and he did so with compassion and genuine care. There are so many layers to separation, and Brian seamlessly answered all our questions and helped guide us to a peaceful parting. Separation is difficult enough as is, but with Brian's assistance we were able to have a much smoother transition individually and as a family.

- JB

I greatly recommend Dan (and the Law Corner as a whole). I have a very difficult ex-wife that loves to use court as a vehicle for communication (at my expense). After several years of court visits, I was blatantly in the wrong in the latest joust. Dan stood up for me in a way that addressed the concerns of my ex while protecting my future interests. He was able to work out a Custody Agreement that (hopefully) removed us from the perpetual court cycle at a very reasonable price.

- BL

Thank you for doing a wonderful job in the courtroom. I could not of done it without you! Way to go dude!

- Tami Beraud

I have known Brian for over a year now, had sought his help for a family matter. Being totally lost at the time, stressed out and completely ignorant of the legal system, I am glad that I ended up at the right “corner” for help. Brian educated me on my legal rights and proceeded in my best interest. He was able to settle everything without having the need to go to court. For his time, and the sincere effort he put for me, I believe that his fee was very reasonable. Throughout our meetings, I have found Brian to be professional, knowledgeable, caring; and also got the feeling that he genuinely wanted to help me. I have all praise for him!

- MS

Betsy was given our case to modify custody at the very last minute before we went to court. With only a day notice she was able to meet with us and gather all information needed to present during the hearing. She was very professional and confident, even during times when the Judge was questioning her, she was calm and handled the situation perfectly. Our outcome was what we had hoped for due to her representation. I would recommend Betsy to anyone I find that needs an attorney.

- Janice Snyder

I just wanted to advise you of your subordinate, Elizabeth Gold doing exceptional work on my behalf. It was very rewarding to connect with an attorney who actually took the time to meticulously evaluate the information presented followed up with a strategic plan of action inclusive of the client’s input to ensure being on the same page. I will never forget Ms. Gold’s professionalism but more importantly, honest and caring approach to my case given the circumstances. The look of relief on her face said it all today as I think Ms. Gold actually sympathized with me, which meant a lot. Therefore, I will definitely keep the Law Corner in my business contacts because I know you all (especially Ms. Gold) are genuine people first, attorneys second.

- Richard

Brian was able to get me more time with my son and was able to resolve everything without going to court. He was able to help me make a stronger bond with my son by going from 3 overnights a month with my son to having 3 overnights a week. That it itself means the world to me! Thanks Brian.

- Marcos A.Santos

Brian has been my attorney since 2007. Brian has helped me navigate through a wide range of issues ranging from divorce, child support, child custody and motion and orders to show cause. Brian has been a constant presence of knowledge, support and compassion. My children and I are very fortunate to have an attorney like Brian who continues to support and represent my family’s needs in this ongoing and unfortunate struggle. I recommend Brian to anyone who is going through these difficult family issues.

- Candice Morin

I recently used [The Law Corner] to help sort out an old (2002) traffic citation and failure to appear charge. As a Virginia state resident, the idea of having to drive down to Raleigh and navigate through the Wake County court system was daunting to say the least. Not only did they appear on my behalf and get the original charge dismissed but they also ensured that Wake County Courts sent a letter to NC DMV stating that the failure to appear charge was sent in error. This little extra step made a huge difference when it came time to renew my license in Virginia. If you need help resolving traffic/DMV related issues, I highly recommend The Law Corner!

- Brian Porter

I have never worked with such knowledgeable and caring people. Brian is always totally upfront with me and always remained very positive. In court, he impressed me beyond belief as he finished my permanent custody hearing in 20 minutes flat. The judge thanked Brian for being so organized. I recommend Brian to anyone who is leery of the legal system because he does all that he can and makes you feel at ease. Brian’s paralegal, Michelle was very prompt when I sent her e-mails, she would reply almost instantly. Michelle is very caring and was ready to help in any way she could. When I needed to get a hold of Brian, she made sure I had a quick response back. Thank you very much for everything, you have made me very happy!

- Christina Rosciano

Brian was the second lawyer that I went to after I fired my first lawyer. I was concerned, afraid and didn’t have a clue about what to do. When I met Brian for the first time, he listened, explained my options, and gave me an idea about how much everything will cost based on the best and worst case scenario. Just to be sure, I went to a third lawyer who was very reputable but lacked the compassion and availability that Brian had. Now after 8 months of having Brian at my side, I know that I made the right choice! He delivered everything that he promised; sound legal advice, availability when you need him, and most of all his compassion and determination to do the very best.

- Hazem Abouhouli

I called Brian after I came home to a 19 page separation agreement that caused me undue stress and anxiety. Not only did Brian quickly inform me over the phone of what my rights were, but he also met with me immediately and assured me that he could handle the situation. His calming spirit and demeanor were exactly what I needed at that time. After interviewing several other attorneys, that quite frankly acted like I was just another name and dollar amount, I decided to retain Brian’s service. My decision was based on the percentage of his practice with Family Law, but more importantly his sincere desire to assist me during this volatile point in my life. I quickly realized that Brian was a thorough counselor, and his professionalism, knowledge of my case, and expertise were exemplified during mediation. Although the process took longer than expected, Brian negotiated a reasonable settlement and for that counselor, I thank you. Without reservation, I highly recommend Brian Demidovich and The Law Corner.

- Edward Thornton

Brian came to my store to purchase some glass a few years ago and after a few words I decided to use his legal services for some collection matters. I have used his professional services ever since. Whenever I call, he always sounds efficient, on the ball and ready to provide the necessary information. This is what you want when you need a lawyer…Right?? Time, honesty, efficiency and a fair price. I highly recommend him.

- Ron Stern, Glass Depots, USA, INC

During my recent divorce proceedings, I was so incredibly impressed with Brian’s top-notch service. Not only did he supply the absolute best legal representation, he made me feel like much more than just a client with a case number. The personal attention and care he gave my case made me feel like he truly cared about me and completely understood my concerns for myself and my children. He was compassionate and sensitive to my specific and sometimes complicated needs during a terribly difficult time. I can’t imagine having gone through what I did without him in my corner! I vehemently recommend Brian’s services to anyone in need of an attorney for this and/or any other legal matter!

- Celine Soviero

I was referred to Brian by Prepaid Legal Services because I did not know the first thing about divorce, separation or how to choose a lawyer. I was a ball of nerves! Brian helped me to unwind by explaining my options and the divorce process in a way that someone without a law degree could understand. Brian seemed so laid back in his office during each of my visits, but when we got into mediation and the courtroom he turned on the “Wow” factor! I am extremely happy to have Brian in my corner and I would recommend his services any day.

- Sarah B. Lewis

I really do want to thank you for a job well done. I was really nervous putting my little buddies’ fate in the hands of our judicial system. At the time when I should have been falling apart you were there to guide and counsel me in plain English through the maze of information. Your strategy and in-depth knowledge of family law helped me immensely. I am truly indebted for your great service.

- John E. Taylor

Brian has a strong and deep commitment to act in the best interest of his clients. He maintains a professional environment and performs his tasks in a timely manner. I always feel comfortable when we need to have discussions due to his ability to make you feel relaxed yet confident you’re being given the facts that are needed to solve the problem. Brian will serve you well.

I was impressed with Brian’s communication, hard work, preparation and fight for me. We walked away with a great accomplishment. A++

- William Champagne

Brian is the most caring attorney I know. He really cares about you as a person, completely explains the law and thoroughly goes over your case with you. He is very reasonable and I will always refer him business to anyone who needs a good lawyer.

- Phyllis Wilkens

We utilize Brian for both personal and business legal matters. From our first meeting, we have felt both confident and secure in all of our dealings with him. He always brings the utmost professionalism and expertise to all legal matters that he has provided us. His array of expertise in the legal profession is profound and leaves you feeling confident and secure. We are thankful to have Brian “in our corner” because we always know we will be successful.

- Brian & Melanie Rivers, Centrifuge, INC

I have had the distinct pleasure of having Brian as my attorney. He is a quick thinker and has the innate capacity to strategize to obtain maximum effectiveness and efficiency. I highly recommend Brian as a most worthy attorney.

- Juanita Sherrod

We were referred to Attorney Demidovich by Pre-Paid Legal Services and were very pleased with the service we received. Attorney Demidovich was very reasonable with the charges for his services. He went beyond the expectations we had for our visit. Our case was kept out of court. The value of the service provided was exceptional. Our case was a family law/child support case and we would recommend Attorney Demidovich and The law Corner to any one needing an attorney.

- Ronald G. Wood Jr.

When I first made the decision to seek out an attorney for advice and to possibly represent me, contrary to what I believed, it was not as difficult as i thought facing a divorce after meeting with Mr. Demidovich. He gave me the best advice and made me feel like I was priority. He was prompt, fearless, and extremely knowledgeable of the law. When I called him, most of the time he was available to take my calls. Mr. Demidovich was confident, personable, and professional. He assisted me with making some very difficult decisions, and encouraged me every step of the way. When I felt like giving up he gave me positive feedback. Mr. Demidovich is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and I feel extremely fortunate to have had him fighting for me.

- Leigh

I’m going into the fifth month of my separation from my soon to be ex-wife and have been pleased so far with hiring Brian as my attorney. he’s giving me good advice and answered all my questions concisely showing he has a vast knowledge of the legal system. Also, I think he’s very fair with his fees. I would recommend him to any of my firends or family if they were in my situation.

- Ian Roarty

I used the services of The Law Corner, specifically Brian Demidovich, in the 2010 / 2011 timeframe. Although separation and divorce legal situations can become highly emotional and extremely frustrating, I always found Brian to be a calming influence, while providing excellent counsel and creative ideas to resolve the issue at hand. Brian will always put your best interests ahead of anything else. His ability to communicate and negotiate with opposing counsel was also a huge asset during this process.

- Jim

This is to state that Mr. Brian S. Demidovich of THE LAW CORNER has represented my interests on many occasions, and I must emphatically say that I am more than pleased with his professionalism, and the results of same. While he is a very effective attorney, his professional style is also relaxing, as you realize this man is working very hard and efficiently in your interest. He is very easty to communicate with, and easily understood. I feel Brian is not only my attorney, he’s a good friend. There is no doubt his highly trained staff has been around for awhile. Whether communicating over the telephone, or in person, they are prompt and professional. It’s a joy to work with them, and to have them work with me! I would definitely recommend Mr. Demidovich as an excellent attorney, for I know the work he does for me, he can and will, do the same for you.

- Leroy Hyman

There was complete respect and his humor kept me balanced. It was great to see him in action. He threw in all his law knowledge experience and was the fuel and energy that I liked so much. Thanks for being so clever, resourceful, unwavering and giving me the confidence I needed. This firm is a class act!

- Jinx S.

When you call Brian, if you are like me, you feel scared, intimidated, and most importantly helpless, like you have no control over a situation. Brian made me feel like I had control and that I could take a breath. He also treats you like a person, not a client.

- Danielle

Thank you so much Lauren and thank you all for everything that has been handled with my cases. Brian was an excellent lawyer and a fierce person in the courtroom. I would not have gotten what I did if it wasn’t for him. All my best.

- Daniel Minerva

Thanks to the outstanding work and professionalism of Betsy Gold, we were prepared for our legal battle and won our case! Even if we had not won, we were so impressed with Betsy as both a lawyer and a human. She handled our tender and at times emotionally charged case with such sensitivity but also the right amount of practicality. She was fantastic in the courtroom, with a level of professionalism and ease that made us, her clients, feel confident and calm too. She prepared us well for what to expect, whether it went our way or not. We believe that Betsy has clearly found her calling, and anyone would be lucky to have her on their side and representing them.

- Melissa

I wanted to thank you again for all your help, legal expertise and making me realize that a man who represents himself has a fool for an attorney. Because of you, that part of my life is going very well and Robin and I are two weeks from our 1st anniversary and I have never been happier except at the birth of my children.

- David B.

I was exceptionally pleased to be represented by Kyle. He greatly exceeded my expectations. My initial meeting with Kyle was on a Friday afternoon. Our court date was the following Monday. Kyle listened attentively and quickly obtained a firm grasp of my complicated case. In only a few business hours, he was able to secure necessary third-party testimony, prepare for my examination, and research relevant notes from previous court dates. During our appearance in court, Kyle helped keep me calm and focused, listened to my input, and worked with me to make critica, on the spot decisions. He managed our limited time efficiently and prevented us from wasting valuable minutes on issues that were not material to the case. In regard to Kyle's management of the opposing case, he displayed a thorough understanding of rules of admissibility and appropriateness of testimony. Pre and post-trial, even though he did not have to, Kyle took the time to explain our case and the court preceedings to the friends and family that were present to support me.

I work in contract law for the pharmaceutical industry and have daily interaction with myraid attorneys from the largest institutions in North America. I can say without equivocation that Kyle is the best litigator I have worked with. My children and I will forever be grateful to him.

- Joshua

Brian was an excellent mediator during my divorce. He never rushed me and always answered my questions. I felt he was always forthcoming with information and was so knowledgeable about my situation. I recommend his practice and divorce mediation specifically. The experience was less emotionally driven and financially draining because of Brian's professionalism. Thanks Brian and Jessica.

- Molly K.

I searched aggressively for an attorney to represent me for a divorce settlement that had dragged on for 5 years. I read about Mr. Demidovich on the computer as well as talking to others about my case and dilemma. Most of them told me due to the lengthy case involvement they would not be able to represent me properly in such short notice. Mr. Demidovich did represent me and in days of research he want to court with my case and did a fantastic job. He was able to get my judgement reduced by 10s of thousands of dollars. I would recommend Mr. Demidovich to any friend or family member.

- D.P.

Kelly did a great job on explaining our will and expanded on questions we had. We are very happy with her services and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Kelly!

- anonymous

I highly recommend to seek Brian and his team from The Law Corner for advice and services.
Brian is straight forward, honest, and very direct with his clients, he protects their interest with passion and integrity. Brian and his team make sure that the outcome of their cases are as good as possible without making promises that they cannot uphold. His clients are presented with multiple different options for their case and are explained in detail the progress and the expected outcome. He then leaves it to the client to make an educated decision as to how they want to proceed. He tries to avoid court as much as possible, as in his opinion, no one ever truly wins. He is right in saying that it is costly, most times neither party gets all of what they are looking for, and the amount of stress is tremendous. However, if all other options are exhausted, he will fight for his clients’ interest in court. He is very professional and if needed he will fight “to the bitter end”. He shows up in court extremely prepared and organized. It becomes quickly obvious that other attorneys respect him and his team very much. His knowledge, experience, and reputation lead more often than not to an agreement between the opposing counsel and him before one even has to appear in front of the judge.
All that said, he goes above and beyond making sure that his clients get through this difficult time in their lives. Being a parent himself, he also truly cares about the children affected in divorces and makes sure that their best interest is taken into account as well. He helps seeing past emotions and looking at facts instead, making sure everything in a case is considered. Last, he never comes across that his work is just a means for him to make money. Quite the opposite, he often encourages his clients that at times it is better to compromise and wrap up a case and start healing and find peace rather than drawing out the case with intensified stress and financial strain that comes with a bitter divorce.

- Anonymous

Dan was great! He was knowledgeable, considerate, and very kind. I am really looking forward to working with him. I had several other consultations lined, but canceled then as soon as I spoke with Dan.

- Nick

Dan was great! He is knowledgeable, considerate and kind. I have worked in sales/customer service all my life. The follow up has been second to none. Awesome job.

- K.H

Brian is knowledgeable and patient. I was looking for something non-traditional & absolutely not big-firm-esque. I recommend TLC.

- N.D.

“The testimonials listed are not all the feedback the firm has received.  Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its individual merits.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”

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