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Vacation in Florida? Or Moving to Florida?
09/2/2016 Florida has a new law on powers of attorney. The law is important for anyone who recently moved to Florida, as well as anyone who lives elsewhere but owns a vacation home there or regularly spends time in the state. …
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Gifts made in the Next Year can Reduce State Estate Taxes
08/31/2016 Some 22 states have a state estate tax or a state inheritance tax. These taxes are in addition to the federal tax. For some people, it’s possible to reduce or eliminate these state taxes by making gifts before the end …
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Divorce Books: Top 3 Books About Divorcing
08/28/2016 While the decision to get a divorce is yours and only yours to make, having the guidance and help through specialists and researchers never hurts either. Here is a list of some of the best divorce guides and help books …
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Is Your Husband Cheating? 5 Signs
08/26/2016 Your own intuition is usually a good indicator that your spouse is cheating. You can tell that something is wrong and if you think that he is cheating, the chances are that you are right. Yet, here are 5 signs …
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Many Raleigh Wills Need to be Reviewed
08/20/2016 In the past, many people tried to achieve a similar result – using both spouses’ exemptions – through the use of a trust, sometimes called a “bypass trust.” Typically, when the first spouse died, some of his or her assets …
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Why Do Husbands Cheat?
08/19/2016 In his book, The Truth about Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent it, author Gary Neuman discusses the reasons behind cheating, specifically why husbands cheat. Understanding the reasons behind why your spouse is cheating may …
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Signs Your Marriage May Be Over
08/12/2016 Today, it is more common that couples are living in a failing marriage because they have hopes that it will one day change, they believe that this is how all marriages are, or whatever the reason. But, the truth is, …
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Many estates can save money by filing tax returns
08/7/2016  (even if they don’t have to) And people with older wills should have them reviewed now, (due to a law from Congress) A federal estate tax return doesn’t have to be filed every time someone dies. In fact, most estates …
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Is Your Spouse is Lying? 5 Tell Tale Signs
08/5/2016 There are many reasons that people get divorced. Money has been a leading cause of divorce for decades, and each individual situation is unique and needs to be addressed as so. However, lies and deceit, maybe an affair or lies …
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Child Support in NC: What You Need to Know
07/15/2016 When a parent is considering a Raleigh divorce, a common thought is to consider what will happen to the children during the divorce? Will I be able to afford them on my salary? Will I receive any child support from …
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