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How much does a Separation and Property Settlement Agreement cost?
11/16/2016 Separation and Divorce in NC The Long Story Short: It depends. If there are not a lot of marital assets and debts to be divided and depending if there are minor children born of the marriage, a Separation Agreement can be basic and not break …
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How Do I Become Legally Separated in North Carolina?
11/14/2016 Raleigh Separation Agreement The Long Story Short: In order to be legally separated, one spouse has to move out of the house, and the spouses must live separate and apart with at least one spouse intending that the separation be permanent. Legal Separation in …
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Can I take my son to visit family in Another State If My Husband Says No
11/12/2016 kids during the holidays across state lines The holidays are coming, which means that family may be coming to your house or you may be wanting to visit your relatives in another state. Many times people believe that they cannot take their child into another state without …
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NC Annual Gift Tax Exemption is $14,000
11/5/2016 estate planning is a gift to your family Many people forget that in 2013, the annual gift tax exemption has was increased to $14,000, up from $13,000 last year. That’s due to an adjustment for inflation. What Does It Mean? NC Tax Laws This means that you can give …
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An Estate Plan that Avoids Probate
11/1/2016 Raleigh Estate Plans that Avoid Probate The Raleigh probate process can be long and tedious, resulting in many people who want to create estate plans that will alleviate their heirs from having to go through probate. Probate is the court-supervised process that gives a person authority …
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“It Can Wait”: Driving Distracted Raleigh NC
10/31/2016 As you may be aware, the “It Can Wait” campaign has already successfully had over 11,000,000 pledgers. It is these people that are making the decision to drive safer to allow a safer environment for all drivers, pedestrians, bikers, and …
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What Happens to Dogs, Cats, & Horses During Raleigh Divorce?
10/28/2016 Get Custody of Your Pet in Raleigh Divorce During a divorce, children are usually of top concern for most parents. But, what about your fur-children? Studies have shown that a majority of people consider their four-legged friends as a part of their family, not just an ordinary pet. …
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DUI on Halloween: 5 Things to do When You Get Pulled Over for DWI
10/24/2016 With Halloween being a few weeks away it is important to not only plan your costume, but plan transportation back from the party. While we all know that the easiest way to avoid a DWI in Raleigh North Carolina is …
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What to Say to Someone Losing a Loved One: How To Talk about Death
10/18/2016 Can’t Find the Words: What to Say to Someone Dealing with Death According to a recent article By SUSAN SILK and BARRY GOLDMAN, published in the Los Angeles Times, the author, Susan, notes her time going through breast cancer where she didn’t feel …
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Divorce Tips: What You Need to Know
10/14/2016 Looking to get a divorce? There are some things that you should know. There are tons of divorces that happen every day not just in Raleigh but in America. Divorces happen all the time and here are some things that …
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