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Common Answers To Child Custody Questions
12/29/2016 About Raleigh Custody Agreements Parents have equal rights to the custody of their children born of the marriage. In most cases, parents come together and work out a suitable agreement outside of the Court system. However, when parents cannot agree …
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To The Recently Engaged: Prenuptial Agreements Can Be A Positive
12/27/2016 Prenuptial Agreements Can Be A Positive, Not A Negative Many people have an instinctively negative reaction when they hear the term “prenuptial agreement.” That’s because, when prenups first became popular, they were often seen as weapons by which rich spouses …
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What Happens at the Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer in Raleigh
12/15/2016   What Happens at a Raleigh Legal Consultation? The first thing that you need to do is relax. Remember that the Raleigh divorce attorney you hire is here to help you – not harm you. You need to be open …
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“Do It Yourself” Divorce — The Pros and Cons
12/11/2016 Divorce in North Carolina The Law Corner There are a large number of companies that are telling people to save money through a do-it-yourself divorce.
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Give $14,000 Gifts For X-Mas Tax Free!
12/5/2016 estate planning is a gift to your family Many people forget that in 2013, the annual gift tax exemption has was increased to $14,000, up from $13,000 last year. That’s due to an adjustment for inflation. What Does It Mean? NC Tax Laws This means that you can give …
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Taking My Child Across State Lines without Husband’s Consent
12/2/2016 Take Child Across State Lines The holidays are coming, which means that family may be coming to your house or you may be wanting to visit your relatives in another state. Many times people believe that they cannot take their child into another state without …
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Are Sperm Donors Liable for Child Support?
11/29/2016 Whether families cannot have children for health reasons or they are part of a same sex marriage, or whatever the reason, sperm donors are needed to help families have children when they cannot. Recently, in a case where two women …
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How is Child Support and Alimony Determined in NC?
11/28/2016 How is Child Support Determined? In many cases, child support is determined pursuant to the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. There are child support worksheets in which you can input income information and child related expenses, and these worksheets will …
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How Do We Figure Out Custody Right Now?
11/25/2016 The Long Story Short: You can agree to a temporary parenting agreement. For many parents who want to share custody with one another, they exercise a 2-2-3 schedule or a week on, week off schedule. However, it depends on what …
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My Rights & The Initial Consultation with Raleigh Divorce Lawyers
11/22/2016 Long Story Short: You have many rights and laws to protect you.  You need to have a consultation with an experienced family law attorney who can guide you and answer any questions you have. What Happens at a Legal Consultation? …
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