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Spending time with a new partner can jeopardize alimony
02/4/2017 jeopardizing-alimony Divorce agreements often say that alimony payments will stop if the spouse receiving them begins “cohabiting” with someone else. The logic of this is that sometimes a spouse will get divorced, start receiving alimony, and then move in with a …
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4 Tips for Dating After a Divorce in Raleigh
02/2/2017 Raleigh Divorce Attorney Dating after divorce, it might seem a bit weird at first for both you and your ex-spouse but it is something that is prone to eventually happen and it’s a topic that we get asked about a lot.
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Managing Joint Credit Card Debt During Divorce
01/22/2017 Raleigh Divorce Credit Card Debt In North Carolina, if both spouses’ names are on the account, each spouse is fully legally liable for the entire amount of the debt--no matter who actually did the spending.
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Taxes can get complicated when people get divorced.
01/20/2017 divorce-decree-200x260 Divorce can involve a number of difficult issues, such as child custody, who gets the house, how other assets are divided, and how support and alimony are determined. But one thing a lot of people don’t realize is that taxes …
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Good Reasons To Update Your Power Of Attorney Today
01/19/2017 If you haven’t updated your power of attorney documents in many years, it might be worth having them reviewed to see if you can take advantage of some recent changes in the tax laws. If you’re ever near death and …
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My Ex Has Credit Card Debt- Am I Responsible in North Carolina?
01/17/2017 find the right divorce attorney in Raleigh NC Generally, whatever assets and debts a couple accumulates during a marriage can be split between them at divorce. Do You Know About the Debt? But what if a husband racks up an enormous amount of credit card debt without his …
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Do Young People Need An Estate Plan in Raleigh, NC?
01/13/2017 Take Child Across State Lines Ken and Judy are a couple in their 30s. They recently bought a home, and they have a small child. But apart from some home equity, a retirement account at work and a life insurance policy, they don’t have a …
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4 Dangers of Assets in Joint Accounts: Raleigh Estate Planning
01/9/2017 imagesCA62WKQ8-200x260 Often, older people will add the name of one or more of their children to their checking accounts or brokerage accounts. They might do this to make it easier for the children to help them with their financial affairs. Or …
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Facebook & Divorce: Raleigh Divorce Lawyer
01/4/2017 facebook-infedelity-200x260 Facebook and Divorce: Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Facebook is playing a role in as many as a fifth of all divorces in the U.S., according to a study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Facebook can come up in a …
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Happy New Year From The Law Corner!
01/1/2017 Raleigh Family Law Divorce Lawyer We, at The Law Corner, want to wish everyone a loving, peaceful, and happy New Year! It is our goal to make things easier for those in stressful situations. With this in mind, we want to do a quick recap …
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