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10 Signs a Marriage Wont Last
10/12/2017 Married to a Narcissist Divorce After getting information from wedding planners and vendors, they are able to speak on behalf of brides and grooms and give insights into how you can tell if a marriage is going to last – based on their behaviors at …
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Divorce is Better Than Staying in a Bad Marriage
10/1/2017 Divorce in North Carolina The Law Corner Many people question whether divorce is the answer. Well, the truth is, only you can make that decision. And, divorce also takes work – it is not the easy way out. But sometimes, relationships just don’t work out and it …
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Don’t Get a DUI this 4th of July: Raleigh DWI Lawyer
06/30/2017 raleigh-misdemeanor-lawyer It should be a surprise to only a few that many police stations put up road blocks and DWI check points to catch drivers who were drinking. This is especially true during the 4th of July. With the 4th falling …
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Win Scholarship Money: Essay/Video Competition
06/20/2017 North Carolina College Scholarships The Law Corner 1ST ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP Attention Young North Carolinians: Write a Essay or Make a Video on The Betterment of Society and Win a College Scholarship Prompt: How Can I Contribute to The Betterment of …
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Professional Firefighters and Paramedics of North Carolina
03/13/2017 TLC is supporting the Professional Firefighters and Paramedics of North Carolina. Benefit concert is being held on April 9, 2017, at 6:30pm in Dorton Arena….featuring Sister Hazel!   Please contact Brian at The Law Corner if you would like tickets …
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Get Out of Your NC DWI
03/2/2017 If you got a DWI, just know that the world is not over. You have a lot of options and ways to fight the charge of DWI in North Carolina. The best advice is to get a lawyer with experience. …
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Home Appraisals Become A Battleground At Divorce
02/20/2017 home-appraisal-300x300-200x260 For many people, a home is the single most valuable asset they own. So it’s not surprising that divorcing couples often fight over the value of that asset. And the recent crash in real estate prices has only exacerbated this …
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Happy Valentine’s Day From The Law Corner
02/14/2017 Take Child Across State Lines While The Law Corner is here to help those in need of legal help during a divorce or separation in Raleigh, NC, we want everyone to experience love, peace, and happiness. The Decision to Get Divorced Is as Big as …
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Unmarried Couple’s Assets Could Be Split Equally After Breakup
02/11/2017 breaking-up-200x260 In some states at least, if you act like you’re married for long enough, the legal system might treat you as married when you break up. For example, an unmarried couple in Alaska broke up after 12 years and two …
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What Happens If An Ex-Spouse Files Bankruptcy in NC?
02/8/2017 bankruptcy-200x260 Here in Raleigh, North Carolina, it’s fairly common for spouses who have recently been through divorce to encounter financial problems. Sometimes, a former spouse will file bankruptcy as a result. This often makes the other spouse very nervous. What if …
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