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Child Custody: Four Ways To Reduce Conflict
11/5/2014 Raleigh Separation Agreement Any family law attorney at The Law Corner can tell you child custody battles create some of the most contentious fights in divorce cases. Parents are naturally inclined to argue over custody and visitation rights, but sometimes they also have …
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The Law Corner Launches New Website
10/1/2014 The Law Corner, PLLC is excited to announce the launch of our new website for our Raleigh General Law Practice. Our new site was designed and developed by TheeDesign Studio, an award-winning, full service web design and internet marketing company …
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After Divorce, Follow Through And Change Your Beneficiaries
07/1/2013 last-will-200x260 After all the stress of divorce, many spouses don’t follow through and change the beneficiaries they’ve designated on all their retirement accounts, insurance policies, and other documents. But this is a critical step. If you have any questions about what …
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Roth 401(K) Plans Get A Big Boost In The New Tax Law
05/10/2013 401K-200x260 The new tax law that resolved the “fiscal cliff” issue in January allows employees with a 401(k) plan at work to roll over any or all of the assets in their current plan into a Roth 401(k) plan. This is …
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Annual Gift Tax Exemption Has Been Increased to $14,000
04/19/2013 money-gift-200x260 The annual gift tax exemption has been increased to $14,000 in 2013, up from $13,000 last year. That’s due to an adjustment for inflation. This means that you can give any person $14,000 this year without any gift tax liability …
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Many Estates Can Save Money By Filing Tax Returns
03/29/2013 2483_wpm_lowres-200x260 A federal estate tax return doesn’t have to be filed every time someone dies. In fact, most estates never have to file one. However, a provision in the new “fiscal cliff” tax law may make it very advantageous to file …
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How The New Federal Tax Law Will Affect Your Estate Planning
03/22/2013 Filing-your-taxes-isnt-as-hard-as-it-seems-200x260 In a big surprise to many people, when Congress passed a law to resolve the “fiscal cliff” in January, it retained the large ($5 million-plus) estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer tax exemptions that had been available in 2011 and 2012. …
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IRS Cracks Down on Family Gifts of Real Estate
12/13/2012 real-estate-gift-200x260 Amazingly, it appears that most people who have given away real estate to family members in recent years have not filed a gift tax return with the IRS. The IRS requires a gift tax return to be filed any time …
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New Expunction Bill Signed Into Law
08/6/2012 judge-200x260 The legislature has passed a significant bill that will affect those with old convictions that have haunted them for years. North Carolina House Bill 1023 was signed into law by Governor Bev Perdue in July 2012, and will go into …
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Many wills need to be reviewed.
03/14/2012 family-200x260 In the past, many people tried to achieve a similar result – using both spouses’ exemptions – through the use of a trust, sometimes called a “bypass trust.” Typically, when the first spouse died, some of his or her assets …
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