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The Holidays: A.K.A Divorce Season
11/27/2015 kids across state lines While some people believe that the holidays bring families closer together, the truth is that for many people it is the opposite.
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5 Facts About Estate Planning
11/20/2015 Your Estate Plan with The Law Corner Raleigh When hearing "estate plan" many people automatically assume that they are too young to have an estate plan and that they are really for retired people.
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Is Your Retirement Account a “Ticking Time Bomb?”
11/13/2015 retirement account a ticking time bomb With over $12 trillion put away in IRAs and retirement accounts, many Americans have not put much thought into what will happen to these accounts should something happen to them.
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Estate Planning: Not Just for The Wealthy
11/6/2015 estate planning document Many people believe that estate plans are not needed if their assets are less than $5 or $10 million.
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Marriage and Divorce Facts and Figures
10/23/2015 Divorce rates have begun to level off and decline, yet that is not due to the fact that couples are staying together for life.
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I Just Got A Speeding Ticket; What Do I Do?
10/12/2015 fight speeding tickets with the Law Corner It’s a nerve wrecking sight, you’re driving down the road and all of a sudden you see the blue lights flashing in the rearview.
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Don’t Let a DUI Haunt You This Halloween
10/9/2015 Halloween beverage DWI DUI With Halloween being a few weeks away it is important to not only plan your costume, but plan transportation back from the party.
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Understanding the Importance of an Estate Tax
09/11/2015 Raleigh Estate Law If someone you care about has passed away recently it’s important that you understand what an estate tax is because it might be something you have to deal with.
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What to Expect When Going Through a Divorce
08/7/2015 Raleigh Family Divorce Looking to get a divorce? There are some things that you should know. There are tons of divorces that happen every day not just in Raleigh but in America. Divorces happen all the time and here are some things that you should know about when going through a divorce.
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Understanding Divorce with Special Needs Children
08/7/2015 Raleigh Divorce Special Needs Kids Divorce is emotionally difficult for everyone, and this is especially true when children are involved. But when a Raleigh couple has a child with special needs, it can become even more complicated.
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