Have you or a loved one been charged with a drug possession charge in North Carolina?  When you have been charged with drug possession, your main concern is going to be making sure these charges get off your criminal record. For those over the age of 16 years old, they will be charged as adults in the legal system.

When you or a loved one is charged with drug possession, one of your first considerations should be finding the right lawyer to represent you and fight to make sure you are not negatively affected by this mishap in the future. Contact The Law Corner today to speak to attorney that can help you with your Raleigh drug charges.

Can I Do a First Offender Program to Get Rid of the Charges?

When you are a first time offender, you are given a variety of options that may result in the drug charges being dismissed. Yet, you should consider using these options because it is a one-time option. In some cases, there are people that are charged with a drug possession charge because they were passengers in the vehicle that the drugs were found. Yet, instead of using your one-time option to get these charges off your record. By contacting an attorney, your lawyer can fight for you to get the charges dropped because in most cases the police officers will charge all people in the vehicle even though there is no evidence or proven possession.

When to Use the First Offender Program for Raleigh Drug Charge?

A lot of people will end up using up there First Offender one time option when they themselves are actually innocent, where there is not enough evidence to support the claim against them.

Taking marijuana as an example, the police will use the scent of marijuana as probable cause to search a car. Yet, having a marijuana smell is not enough for them to charge you for possession. Then, when you use up your first offender option, if there ever is a future charge against you, you wont have it available when you need it most.

Do I Need a Lawyer For My Drug Charge?

A lot of parents believe that if their child has received a drug possession charge, they can get it off their record by following through with whatever program is available. And, while many people and states believe that marijuana should be legalized, North Carolina has not changed the law. With this in mind, marijuana use in teens in general is at its highest. The important thing to note is that ever case is a unique situation and figuring out what to do or how to respond to the charge can be difficult. This means that you should speak to a lawyer to find out what your options are, your rights, and their recommendations, in order to find out the best outcome for you.

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