When going through the divorce process, it is important to understand the harsh realities of the law, including all of the “unfair” aspects. For example, while judges are expected to have an unbiased opinion and use fair judgment practices, the truth of the matter is the fact that judges are people too — with biases and flaws. That being said, a recent study done by Harvard University shows that judges that have daughters are more likely to vote in favor of women’s rights than ones with only sons.

Facts: The Harvard University Study

Click here to view the Harvard Study information from the New York Times. Professor Maya Senator says, “by having at least one daughter, judges learn about what it’s like to be a women, perhaps a young woman, who might have to deal with issues like equity in terms of pay, university admissions or taking care of children.”

The study is thought to implicate how judges make decisions in child custody cases, or other aspects of family law.

Professor Sen of Harvard University says, “Justices and judges aren’t machines. They are human, just like you and me. And just like you and me, they have personal experiences that affect how they view the world.”

Mediation is a Solution

Taking into consideration the biases of judges, mediation may be the best option for you, depending on your individual situation.

The Raleigh Lawyers at The Law Corner specialize in resolving North Carolina family law disputes and divorce through mediation. We are able to find common ground that allow parties to avoid litigation and all of the expenses that go with it. Instead, mediation is a practicable alternative that allows you to resolve your dispute in a civil manner.

This is extremely important if you have children, as you and your (ex) spouse can come to an agreement on child support and child custody that you both see as fair, instead of relying on a judge to make that decision.

The mediation process is voluntary and non-binding, allowing you to give it a try and if you do not like the results, then try litigation. Our Raleigh Family Law attorneys at The Law Corner have experience with mediation as well as fighting for you in the courtroom. We always have your best interest at heart and will aggressively fight for what you deserve out of your divorce.

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