When you are going through a divorce, or even years after your divorce, learning self love is very important to your emotional health.

Work On Yourself In Order To Work On Your Relationship with Others

Many people jump right into going to marriage counseling or leaving a marriage because of unhappiness in that relationship. When, in actuality, working on your relationship with yourself should be the first and fore most goal. Whether you are in a relationship that you want to get out of or you are unsure, or maybe you got a divorce many moons ago, value the relationship with yourself and focus on self love.

A Story about Self Love

An individual with an autoimmune disease shared her story. Her disease caused her lot of pain throughout her entire body, and she began therapy for this disease and learned the most about self love when she was at group therapy. These people were full of anger, sad, depressed, and generally upset that they were never going to get better. She began leaving notes for her teammates that said “you are loved” and general positive encouragement. These small notes turned into longer notes, and over time they turned into longer letters.

Writing to Help You Find Self Love

Many people find self love through writing. These can be private notes and thoughts that you keep for yourself. Other people write letters to those that have hurt them in the past in order to move forward from past relationships. This is a common method to moving forward and progress.

About Self Love

Self love is knowing that you deserve what your heart desires. You do deserve better. You do deserve to be happy. And The Law Corner is here to help you through that process.