Along with the expected joys and celebration of the upcoming holiday weekend, the police will be out in droves lurking about, waiting for a misstep to ruin your weekend and earn another buck for the State.  Well, at least this is what it feels like.  In actuality, the police are just doing their job, with the increased volume of traffic, the police often times increase their presence which will hopefully make people pay a little more attention to the traffic laws, which will in turn keep everyone safe. Despite this increased presence of the police, inevitably there are some people who will be charged with  speeding, dui, possession or maybe even worse. Hopefully, you are not going to drink in excess and drive, but if you do find yourself in a situation, please look at this article to see how one should act when pulled over for suspicion of DWI.


We all know the consequences that speeding tickets have, spending our hard-earned money on fines, court costs, and insurance premium increases.  However, what most people don’t know is that here, in North Carolina, speeding tickets and other traffic violations can have severe consequences on your insurance and your privilege to drive.  For example, speeding just 16 MPH over the speed limit (71 in a 55) is a misdemeanor offense.  That’s right, you actually could face jail time for speeding!  Also, depending on the charges, you may face other very serious consequences such as losing your license, points being applied to your license and insurance, and having to miss time from work to attend mandatory court appearances.


Our experienced attorneys may be able to significantly reduce the consequences of your “weekend gone bad” and often times can prevent you from having to miss work and attend court. If you are faced with a any violations in North Carolina please give our experienced Traffic and Criminal Attorney a call for a free consultation to see how we can help you out.