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Happy Valentine’s Day From The Law Corner

Take Child Across State Lines

While The Law Corner is here to help those in need of legal help during a divorce or separation in Raleigh, NC, we want everyone to experience love, peace, and happiness.

The Decision to Get Divorced Is as Big as the Decision to Get Married.

There are the people that elope and get married on a whim – because they are so deeply in love that they want to spend the rest of their lives together and do not want to wait. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have the people that have moved in together, have been together for years and years, love each other, ┬áhave a LONG engagement, and have finally decided to get married because they are pretty sure it is a good fit. Then, there is everyone in between and maybe a few outliers. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, usually the decision to get married is a big one. It is the commitment to spend the rest of your lives together — a partnership. Now, with that being said, people change and things happen — where a divorce is the only suitable solution. However, a divorce should not be seen as the simple solution — all marriages take work, time, sweat, tears, and energy (and if this has not been your experience – you have the unicorn of all marriages and you should consider yourself VERY lucky.)

With that being said, we want to stress to anyone reading this blog that divorce is a BIG decision. It should not be taken lightly and it is a serious life changing event.

Have You Tried Counseling?

Sometimes counseling can be the make it or break it for a marriage. If there is a communication issue that is causing majority of the issues, learning to communicate may be the missing link that can turn your marriage around. Now, everyone has their own problems and communication may or may not be one of the issues that you face – however if you and your partner are at least willing to try and to work on the issues and hand- why not try counseling?

The Law Corner Supports Love and Marriage

Some people see Raleigh divorce lawyers in a light where the lawyer is promoting divorce – they want to break up marriages to get clients and fill their pockets. Realistically, we are here for the people that need us. We know that sometimes marriage doesn’t work – and people need help; they need someone to protect their legal rights and fight for them in a space that can be difficult. That is where The Law Corner comes in: We are always here for you and your legal needs. For help with a Raleigh divorce or separation, give us a call and let us help you.


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