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In North Carolina, visitation rights can be taken away in a divorce.

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Our Law firm fights for our clients. The reality is that if your ex-spouse hires a lawyer to get the most out of you, during your divorce, it can be hard to get what you want without an expert on your side. The Law Corner has been in business over a decade and has helped out hundreds of people during that time. We get you the visitation rights you want. If you have no past criminal record, this will easy. Even if you don’t have a perfect past, we will consult with you today about your situation, and steps moving forward.

How to Choose Your Visitation Rights

The Law Corner recommends getting better visitation rights through mediation. In this process, you sit down with a spouse and a mediator to talk out your issues and come up with a divorce agreement that you can both sign. Since this process does not involve a judge, you will have greater control over the outcome.

Visitation Agreements

In North Carolina, the visitation rights are defined in the separation agreement. This agreement is not generally updated. That means that you need to get the visitation rights you want, at the time of divorce as modifying them later will be difficult.

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