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If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can take out a temporary Domestic Violence Protective Order, or contact us and we will do it for you.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

In North Carolina, the alleged act of domestic violence does not need to be physical violence. The court will enter the Temporary Domestic Violence Protective Order if it is convinced that you have been abused (physically or mentally) or sufficiently threatened with abuse. The court will then set a date for a formal hearing within ten days, at which time the alleged abuser is given an opportunity to defend himself. If you are successful, the court will order a one year order of protection. Additionally, the court can award a temporary custody and support order. If you are a victim and are unsure if you need an attorney at the 10-day hearing, please schedule a $99 consult and we will advise you based on your circumstances and our experience on how you should proceed.

What if I am Accused of Domestic Violence

If you are an accused and someone has taken out a Domestic Violence Protective Order against you, it is imperative that you consult with an Experienced Defense Attorney. If a Domestic Violence Protective Order is entered against you, it can result in many negative consequences including no contact with the victim, temporarily losing custody of your children, having to vacate your residence, and being ordered to attend counseling for domestic violence, anger management, and/or alcohol/drug-related problems. We know how a domestic violence charge can disrupt your life. It can jeopardize your employment and educational opportunities, your ability to possess a firearm, and cause you much embarrassment and anxiety. Domestic Violence charges can also have a detrimental effect on other legal matters, such as child custody. At The Law Corner, our attorneys are prepared to analyze your case, listen to your individual circumstances, and aggressively defend you in court. Domestic Violence charges in North Carolina are very serious. If you have been charged with Domestic Violence, you need a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney to properly and effectively represent you. Domestic Violence includes any physical or psychological harm inflicted by a significant other, an ex-partner, or a family member. At The Law Corner, we handle all types of Domestic Violence cases, including:

  • Assault
  • Assault on a Female
  • Chapter 50B matters
  • Violations of Protective Orders
  • Violations of Restraining Orders
  • Communicating Threats
  • Civil No-Contact Orders

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