Child Custody Lawyers in Raleigh

The courts allow for the parents of a child to either hold primary custody or secondary custody of a child. In North Carolina, the courts do not recognize joint custody like in other states. However, you can win sole custody of your child if your spouse demonstrated certain traits during your marriage. The courts generally expect parents to make decisions outside of through the process of divorce mediation.

Child Custody Laws

In Wake County, one parent must file a complaint, beginning a lawsuit. The process involved with getting custody of your children can be stressful; it is generally better for both parties to settle out of court through mediation. Even North Carolina courts recommend this method we are prepared to fight for your custody rights in court. The Law Corner provides mediation services of child custody matters to those who need it in North Carolina. If you are facing a child custody issue, contact us to see if our services match your needs.

The Law Corner Child Custody Lawyers 

Divorces can be harshest on children, so we suggest hiring an experienced lawyer so that the process is not dragged out. The law team at the Law Corner has years of experience fighting for child custody rights. The Law Corner team are also experienced child custody mediators, and we have found that setting these issues out of court has usually created results that are more satisfying to both sides of the divorce. If you are looking to gain custody of your kids, whether that be sole custody, primary custody, or secondary custody of your child or children. Contact us today to see if our services match your needs

Shared Custody vs Sole Custody

When parents have shared legal custody in Raleigh, NC, they share in the decision making for the child on issues such as education and religion. It does not necessarily mean shared physical custody. In North Carolina, the vocabulary commonly used to describe custody arrangements does not have a set amount of physical time spent with a child associated with the term, for that reason, the arrangements written in the custody agreement are very important for defining exactly what your time you get to spend with your child or children. For more information about joint legal custody in Raleigh, NC, contact the Family Law Attorneys Raleigh at The Law Corner. The Law Corner Attorneys are able to help you through the custody process in Wake County. Call The Law Corner or schedule a consultation at 919-424-8319 today!

When a parent has sole custody of a child in Raleigh, and in Wake County, that parent makes all major decisions and has primary physical custody of the child. To get more information about sole legal and physical custody, contact The Law Corner today.

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How does a Raleigh court Judge Decide who gets Custody of the Children?

A Wake County judge uses many factors to determine child custody in the Raleigh area. Some of the main considerations are the ages of the children, the stability of a parent, their home environment, the time a parent is able to spend with the children, alcohol problems, and any acts of domestic violence between the parties. When you have The Law Corner lawyers on your child custody case, we present the information in a way that emotional persuades the judges. Additionally, there is no preferencefor a judge to choose a mother over a father. A Raleigh judge’s order for child custody and visitation will include findings of facts that support what the Wake County judge feels.

Visitation Rights

The parent who is the non-custodial parent has the right to visit with their child. Many factors determine the visitation schedule. Children’s schedules, the distance the parents live apart, parent work schedules, etc. Younger children typically spend most of their time with the custodial parent and typically spend, at a minimum, every other weekend, a weekday evening, alternate holidays, and two weeks each summer with the non-custodial parent. For a 50/50 custody arrangement to succeed, parents must be very cooperative and amicable with one another. If parents end up in a Wake County courtroom to determine custody, it is not common for a judge to order this type of arrangement. For more specific information regarding your case contact a lawyer

Can Custody Arrangements be Changed?

Custody agreements in Raleigh and the Wake County areas can always be modified. If there is a substantial change in circumstances, and the parent asking for the change can show evidence that it is in the best interest of the children, a change in custody is possible. To modify your custody agreement, contact the Family Law Attorneys at The Law Corner.
The Child custody Lawyers at the Law Corner use all the information that you share with us and the information we uncover during investigations to fight the custody situation that you are looking to have. Over the years of being a child custody law firm, our team has learned the best ways to settle child custody issues that arise either in or out of court.

Why do we need a Signed Agreement for the Custody of our Children?

Without a written and signed agreement, for example, one parent can disrupt a child’s life by deciding suddenly to move the children to another school or city. Having an agreement in writing maintains consistency for the children, which is essential to their well-being. Custody and visitation arrangements can be written in a Separation Agreement along with decisions concerning spousal support and distribution of property. For more information about how to create a separation agreement, contact the Raleigh Family Law Attorneys at The Law Corner. These Raleigh Divorce Lawyers are here to help you through this process, every step of the way, to make this difficult time as simple as possible. Call The Law Corner at 919-424-8319.

How do I get Full Custody ?

In Raleigh North Carolina, there are two ways that you will receive full custody of your children. If your spouse agrees to this or you can prove negligence or abuse in a court of law. Having a team of lawyers present this information to a judge is effective in showing how much you care about the future of your children. The more evidence you have, the more likely it is you will receive full custody of your children, however in the courts nothing is guaranteed. If you are worried about the outcome of your custody case, contact the law corner today.

Shared Custody or 50/50 custody is not the end of the world. In fact, it is the most common outcome of a divorce with children in the American Judicial system. With that being said, if you are looking to gain full custody of your children, speak to the law corner to see what we can do for you.