During a divorce, children are usually of top concern for most parents. But, what about your fur-children? Studies have shown that a majority of people consider their four-legged friends as a part of their family, not just an ordinary pet. So, what happens to them during a Raleigh divorce?

Pets and Divorce: Your Raleigh Divorce

It is no surprise that people get attached to their pets. Then, when you are going through the process of a divorce, it is standard for people to want to keep their pets because it keeps consistency when thing are falling apart. Raleigh divorce lawyers and mediators handle the situation when both spouses want to keep the pet, creating a high conflict situation. In some situations, it is comparable to a custody battle over children.

Pet Custody is a Big Deal in Raleigh NC Divorce Cases

There is no doubt that custody of family pets is a big deal, and bringing with it a cloud of emotional turmoil on top of your already hectic divorce.  There are a variety of states that consider pets in the same way as children, where there will be a custody schedule and visitation– it turns into a huge elaborate system.

With pros and cons, North Carolina does things differently. Pets are considered property – like a car. In this sense, it is given to one spouse with no visitation for the other party and that’s just the way it is. With that being said, our Raleigh Mediation Attorneys try to work out agreements that work for both parties so that they can both spend time with their beloved pet.

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Family law attorneys in Wake County are often more interested in posturing than in actually resolving family law disputes. As a result, they often employ hard bargaining tactics which emphasize the differences in their positions rather than seeking a common ground for settlement. This technique often results in one of the parties filing a Complaint in court which commences litigation. The high cost and long delays associated with the Wake County Family Court System often make litigation an impractical method for resolving disputes. Parties increasingly find that they are spending more time and money to litigate than the cost to settle the matter. The increasing number of lawsuits filed each year is indicative of the unwillingness or inability of parties and their attorneys to effectively utilize negotiation to resolve disputes. It is not uncommon for the North Carolina attorney’s fees, expert witness fees, jury fees, court reporter fees and other related costs to exceed the amount in dispute. However, theRaleigh Divorce Lawyers at The Law Corner offer a practicable alternative: Mediation.

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