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Divorce & Tinder: The Law Corner Raleigh Lawyers

As many of you are aware, Tinder is a dating and social app that allows you to meet and communicate with people in your area. It is most commonly known as “the hook-up app.”


Tinder is the one-stop-shop for people who are looking to go on dates or hook up. While the site is very appealing to single people looking to meet other singles, in hopes of finding “the one,” there is nothing to stop married people from entering and there spouses have no idea.

Swipe Buster: Catch Your Spouse on Tinder 

Family Attorney Warns Unfaithful Spouses Beware- Your Tinder Activity can be Tracked

For spouses that suspect their spouse is using Tinder to have affairs, there is a way to find out! The app Swipe Buster works to check if your spouse is on the site. You simply pay $4.99 to purchase the app, then you can enter your spouses name, age, and location, and all possible matches are shown.  It will also allow you to see when that person used Tinder last, their gender preference, and allow you to see any photos they have available.

The Cheating Spouse & All This Technology

There are more and more apps and technology features that are being designed to catch infidelities. Now with our technology, as we live in such a digital age, it is more and more easy to find evidence that your spouse is cheating.

It is no surprise that social media is highly popular in today’s society. Yet, most people do not consider the consequences of showing these intimate photos and conversations online. Then, these things can be used in a divorce proceeding. Then, if you have proof of infidelity, it can be pretty damning for your cheating spouse.

Thinking About Getting Divorced?

Are you having issues with your spouse? Do you believe that your spouse is cheating on you? Not only can you use the Swipe Buster to validate your beliefs of infidelity but you should talk to a Raleigh Divorce attorney or Raleigh Family Law Lawyer. A Raleigh divorce lawyer at The Law Corner can help layout your options and allow you to know your rights, if you decide to move forward with a divorce. Also, consider mediation as opposed to divorce for no-contested divorce to help you save money and expedite the divorce process.




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