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“Do It Yourself” Divorce — The Pros and Cons

Divorce in North Carolina The Law Corner

There are a large number of companies that are telling people to save money through a do-it-yourself divorce. You will get a packet of forms in a booklet or in an online PDF, that are supposedly developed by an “expert” divorce attorney and that these are all you will need to get divorced. So the question is, “is this a good alternative?” And, will this “divorce kit” save you money in the long run?

About “Do It Yourself” Raleigh Divorces

Courts will accept these forms, yet you need to remember that they are not tailored to you. You will not get legal advice to protect you and there is plenty of room for error. If you do make a mistake on these forms, it will most likely end up costing you more than you would have paid for your attorney in the first place. So, if you do choose this route, make sure that everything is in order and all of the issues have been addressed within the forms and legal documents correctly.

Ironically, the majority of couples that use these forms are divorcing on good terms, and they believe that they are saving money. Yet, uncontested divorces, such as these, have low attorney fees and you get the most for your money, as your attorney is there to protect you and not wasting time fighting with the other party.

Important Questions You Need To Know In Order to Do A “Do It Yourself Divorce”

  • What about pensions, IRA, or 401 (k) plans? Are you entitled to a share? If your answer is yes, there are highly technical requirements that you must follow– do you know them?
  • How are property and assets going to be spit? Do you know about the tax consequences?
  • Does your spouse have hidden assets?
  • What happens if your spouse does not follow through with paying you the money he/she promised? Are you protected?
  • How will you re-title property into separate names?
  • What needs to be changed to your estate plan?
  • What will happen to your Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance, and other benefits, after a divorce?
  • Do you have children? How will future expenses, such as college tuition or medical bills, be divided between parents?
  • What about life insurance policies, in case of an accident? Will your spouce remain the beneficiary?

While your divorce may seem easy when both parties are uncontesting the divorce, there are still so many other factors that need to be handled.

Understanding Your Circumstances to Make the Best Raleigh Divorce Decisions

If you are in the process of separating or getting a divorce and are considering a “Do it Yourself Divorce,” make sure that you take the time to protect yourself. Remember that these packets do not contain all of the forms and information that you need, they just have the standard forms to complete a divorce. If you have made agreements with your spouce, make sure that you are protected. You may want to have a consultation with an attorney to get a better idea of what needs to be done. As making a mistake with these do it yourself companies can be very costly, it may be worth your while to seek professional help. Also, you may be very surprised as to how low the expenses can be to get divorced, especially when both parties do not contest to split.

The Law Corner: Always In Your Corner

Thinking about a “Do it Yourself Divorce?” If you do not have children, many assets, and are not concerned with pensions/401 (k) plans, etc., this may be the best route for you! However, for those with more to worry about, you may want to consider seeking professional help to make sure that you are protected. While they seem simple to some people, divorces have a lot of technicalities and small details that need to be addressed. Contact The Law Corner at 919-424-8319 for a consultation today! We can help you achieve your divorce goals and make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. In the meantime, get more information about separation and divorce in North Carolina here:

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