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Divorce is Better Than Staying in a Bad Marriage

Divorce in North Carolina The Law Corner

Many people question whether divorce is the answer. Well, the truth is, only you can make that decision. And, divorce also takes work – it is not the easy way out. But sometimes, relationships just don’t work out and it is best for both parties to get a fresh start, following a divorce. Here are the reasons that divorce is better than staying in a bad marriage. For more information, contact The Law Corner.

  • Marriage is a False Sense of Security: Divorce Will Give You Hope

When you are in a bad marriage, you still have a sense of security because you know exactly how your life is going to go: miserable, endless fighting over whatever, having to do everything yourself – the list goes on. Yet, while divorce seems like it will turn your world upside down, it will actually offer you hope. You have the chance to find happiness & to find someone else to love.

  • Staying in A Bad Marriage Is Not Good for the Kids

When speaking to a lot of couples that chose to get divorced later in life, I got similar responses: we stayed together for the kids – was the main gist. The most interesting part was that they realized later that they wished they got divorced sooner. In reality, being civil and figuring out the new family dynamic as a divorcee is a lot healthier than teaching children to stay in a bad relationship.

  • Now You Have the Chance to Meet Mr. or Mrs. Right

Once you are divorced, you have the chance to find yourself again. This will then open the door for you to fall in love again and find the right person for you to spend the rest of your life with.

  • You Get To Be Number One Priority

Once you are divorce, finding yourself will also allow you to focus on yourself. When marriages are on the rocks or even when they are good, the other person is almost always the spouse’s #1 focus (unless you are married to a narcissist.) With that being said, you get to be priority again. You get to be your own #1 again.

  • Divorce is Better than a Hostile Home

Even if you feel like you are walking on eggshells when you are at home – that is a hostile environment. Many people seem to think that divorce is basically the worst thing in the world, but actually — living in a hostile home environment is far worse.

  • The Difference Between Loneliness and Solitude

When you are in a bad relationship, you’ve likely experienced loneliness. Many people believe that is the feeling they will feel when they are divorced- lonely. The truth is, you will not feel lonely, but actually find solitude (you may feel lonely sometimes, until you get to solitude but it will come.)

  • You Gain The Opportunity to Grow

In many cases, partners stunt the others growth and vice versa. A divorce allows each person to grow and achieve the life they want.

  • Gain Happiness Through Your Divorce

While you will lose your spouse, you will gain happiness. It is worth the tradeoff.

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