After going through the painful process of a separation or divorce, the summer is a great time to redirect your attention to spending some healthy time with your kids and rethinking how you communicate with your ex-spouse.   It’s beneficial to your children to see your interactions as parents as positive one.   Embrace the new dynamic, your still parents and love your children.  Planning a special time together and having a positive interaction in front of your children will go a long way in their healthy development. Summertime is a great opportunity to make some time and plan for fun activities and/or adventures!

Helpful Tips:

Aim for effective communication.

Be sure to have open mind and clear communication with your ex-spouse.  Be respectful, it is even ok to laugh in each other’s company.  If you both try to stay positive, you are both giving your kids the best environment to grow and be happy.  Remember to keep your conversations about the kids and leave your personal emotions at home.

Plan something fun!

Ask the kids what they are interested in and find activities that involve those interests, maybe include the other parent in those activities.

Be flexible.

The summer is a great time to be flexible with your visitation schedules. There is more time available with your kids and there are more activities planned over the summer.   Certain activities may not fall on a date that is your week with the kids or vice versa, so be understanding and willing to share or trade time.