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Child Support in Legal Separations Raleigh NC

When you’ve made the decision to end your marriage in North Carolina, you have two options: You can choose to remain legally separation or get a Raleigh divorce. Regardless of which option you choose, you will need to be separated for a period of time, where you will then be able to get a Raleigh divorce (if desired) later. This makes the divorce process in the Raleigh area complex, introducing more legal challenges for parents who are separating. For help through the separation and divorce process in Raleigh, contact the Raleigh divorce attorneys at The Law Corner. With experience in all matters of family law, Brian Demidovich and his team of experienced mediation and divorce lawyers can help make this process more simple. Call The Law Corner today at 919-424-8319.

During your period of separation, child support is one of the biggest issues. In most cases, people will wait until the divorce happens, where the judge makes a decision on how much a person will pay for child support. Yet, when you are separating, things happen differently.

Separation & Child Support

When you are separating in North Carolina, you will not have to sign any paperwork that says you intend on living separately. So, unless the parents sign a separation agreement, the state has no idea of the financial situation and they do not know if the child needs child support payments.

In North Carolina, as parents, you have two choices during your separation. You can either sign a separation agreement that determines child support or you can petition the court for payments. If you choose a separation agreement (legally binding), the parent chooses how much the non custodial parent is going to pay in child support. Then, if the person fails to meet the terms of the separation agreement, it would be the same as a court ordered support obligation.

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If you are separating, contact The Law Corner today. We can help walk you through the process and let you know what all of your options are and let you know what your rights are during this stressful time. The Raleigh divorce and mediation lawyers at The Law Corner have the experience to make this process a whole lot simpler. Call us today at 919-424-8319.

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