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Signs of Conflict
04/30/2019 Some often wonder when or if it is time to consider therapy or even separation. Here are a four common patterns of conflict to help inform you.   Withdrawal and Avoidance Closing yourself off, shutting the door literally Avoiding opportunities …
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Family Court Judge Advocates For Mediation
06/24/2016 Divorce in North Carolina The Law Corner In general, about 70 percent of couples wanting a divorce will go to court without a lawyer or any type of legal representation. However, this brings a problem because most of them don’t know what to do or how the …
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Do Judges Side With Men Or Women?
04/16/2016 When going through the divorce process, it is important to understand the harsh realities of the law, including all of the “unfair” aspects. For example, while judges are expected to have an unbiased opinion and use fair judgment practices, the …
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