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Legal Separation

Signs of Conflict
04/30/2019 Some often wonder when or if it is time to consider therapy or even separation. Here are a four common patterns of conflict to help inform you.   Withdrawal and Avoidance Closing yourself off, shutting the door literally Avoiding opportunities …
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Divorce: How to Create a Parenting Plan
01/28/2018 Division of the assets can be the most frustrating and stressful time of a divorce. This is when the two parties are figuring out how to split the assets they have acquired in their lives together – some tough stuff. …
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How to Co-Parent: Raleigh Divorce
01/22/2018 Co-parenting after a divorce can feel like an art form. It takes practice and focus but if both parties are willing, it can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Tips to Co-Parenting Take Care of Yourself By taking care …
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What to do Following Your Raleigh Separation?
01/12/2018 Take Child Across State Lines When given the news of divorce, many people panic and struggle with the separation that comes before the divorce. Here are some tips to help you through the separation process: 1) Self Care Separating is one of the most difficult …
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Co-Parenting Following a NC Divorce
01/7/2018 Raleigh Separation Agreement There is a lot of information floating around in books, on the web, etc. that divorce is tough on kids. The belief that divorce has to be a scar or bad memory for children is actually a misconception. The truth …
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10 Things That May Increase Your Risk of Divorce
11/23/2017 Relationship experts have compiled a list of 10 risk factors that can increase your chance of a divorce. Please note that these things do not specifically cause a divorce, but instead only increase the chances and may alert you that …
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“My In Laws Make Me Want A Divorce”
11/5/2017 The Parent/Spouse Relationship: Get the Facts An article titled “Divorce Causes: 5 Ways to Destroy Your Marriage” in the Huffington Post states that the in-Laws can be a leading cause of divorce. Author Francesca Escoto writes, “how spouses relate to …
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Divorce is Better Than Staying in a Bad Marriage
10/1/2017 Divorce in North Carolina The Law Corner Many people question whether divorce is the answer. Well, the truth is, only you can make that decision. And, divorce also takes work – it is not the easy way out. But sometimes, relationships just don’t work out and it …
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Spending time with a new partner can jeopardize alimony
02/4/2017 jeopardizing-alimony Divorce agreements often say that alimony payments will stop if the spouse receiving them begins “cohabiting” with someone else. The logic of this is that sometimes a spouse will get divorced, start receiving alimony, and then move in with a …
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Facebook & Divorce: Raleigh Divorce Lawyer
01/4/2017 facebook-infedelity-200x260 Facebook and Divorce: Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Facebook is playing a role in as many as a fifth of all divorces in the U.S., according to a study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Facebook can come up in a …
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