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Family Law

Co-Parenting and Summer Fun
07/19/2019 After going through the painful process of a separation or divorce, the summer is a great time to redirect your attention to spending some healthy time with your kids and rethinking how you communicate with your ex-spouse.   It’s beneficial to …
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Thinking about divorce? Redo your estate plan, too
05/14/2019 Divorce is stressful, and if you’re considering a marital split, the last thing you’re probably focusing on is your estate planning documents.  But if you’re thinking of getting divorced, it’s usually wise to revise your estate plans now rather than …
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Thoughts from a Client: Celebrating Parenting
05/7/2019 With Mother’s Day around the corner I have questions circling in my mind, one being: What does it take to be a mother? What should be celebrated? To be a mother, I think it takes strength, dedication, and obnoxious amounts …
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Signs of Conflict
04/30/2019 Some often wonder when or if it is time to consider therapy or even separation. Here are a four common patterns of conflict to help inform you.   Withdrawal and Avoidance Closing yourself off, shutting the door literally Avoiding opportunities …
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5 Valentine’s Day Tips: Saving Relationships
02/14/2018 Believe it or not, divorce attorneys are not hoping for couples to get divorces. However, we are here for when you do need us – so that we can help you through this difficult time. Some people come into our …
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Importance of Self Love & Divorce
02/1/2018 When you are going through a divorce, or even years after your divorce, learning self love is very important to your emotional health. Work On Yourself In Order To Work On Your Relationship with Others Many people jump right into …
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Divorce: How to Create a Parenting Plan
01/28/2018 Division of the assets can be the most frustrating and stressful time of a divorce. This is when the two parties are figuring out how to split the assets they have acquired in their lives together – some tough stuff. …
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How to Co-Parent: Raleigh Divorce
01/22/2018 Co-parenting after a divorce can feel like an art form. It takes practice and focus but if both parties are willing, it can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Tips to Co-Parenting Take Care of Yourself By taking care …
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What to do Following Your Raleigh Separation?
01/12/2018 Take Child Across State Lines When given the news of divorce, many people panic and struggle with the separation that comes before the divorce. Here are some tips to help you through the separation process: 1) Self Care Separating is one of the most difficult …
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Co-Parenting Following a NC Divorce
01/7/2018 Raleigh Separation Agreement There is a lot of information floating around in books, on the web, etc. that divorce is tough on kids. The belief that divorce has to be a scar or bad memory for children is actually a misconception. The truth …
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