Believe it or not, divorce attorneys are not hoping for couples to get divorces. However, we are here for when you do need us – so that we can help you through this difficult time.

Some people come into our offices still wondering if their relationship can be saved. Wanting to know whether they should get a divorce or not. While only you can make that decision, here are some tips that can help you save your relationship:

  1. Connect with your spouse everyday: This could be as simple as spending 15 minutes exclusively with each other. This valentine’s day, put your phone away and actually listen to what your partner is saying. Go out for dinner or cook his/her favorite meal at home.
  2. Compliments go a Long Way: It is easy to fall into a critical realm with those that we feel closest too. Constructive criticism can be a good thing – but the keyword there is constructive. And, the difficult part here is that you are not complimenting them on the things that they are doing good. So make sure to take the time to point out the good also – not just the bad.
  3. Find out how he/she wants to be loved. The 5 languages of love book is a great start. There are quizzes online that take less than 5-10 minutes that can shed some insights on how your partner wants to be loved. Many times, we show love how we want love. So if our partners need to be shown love in a different way, they are not even feeling the love we are giving them.
  4. Always Be Faithful: Even during difficult times or arguments, it is easy to consider other options. If you really want to work on your relationship, you must always be faithful to your spouse. Once the trust is broken, it is very difficult to get it back.
  5. Do Things Together: While time apart is a good thing and we recommend that partners have their own hobbies, it is also important that couples do things together. This is the time for you and your partner to try new things together: scuba diving, dancing, or trivia night. Whatever it is, make sure that you have a common interest that you can share.

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