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4 Tips for Dating After a Divorce in Raleigh

Raleigh Divorce Attorney

Dating after divorce might seem a bit weird at first for both you and your ex-spouse, but it is something that is prone to eventually happen.

Dating is a part of human nature, so it’s not a surprise that many divorcees start to date and begin new relationships post divorce. Dating is actually something that we encourage, for parties of both sides as it helps couples move on from their previous relationships.  It’s important to note though, that dating as a divorced spouse does bring with it it’s own trials and tribulations.

If you are divorced and plan on getting back into the dating scene it’s important to note the following:

  • Dating Too Soon Post Divorce. If you’re newly divorced you need to take some time to yourself. Dating right after a divorce can cause issues for both you and your potential partner, as often times projected feelings can come out and the rebound effect can happen.
  • It’s Important to Let Your Ex Know. It’s important that you let your ex- know that you’re dating right away, not just for the sake of transparency but because of any general trouble that the secrecy could cause. If your ex-does see  you dating someone, he or she can be suspicious and blame both you and the third party for alienation of affection, which could cause legal action for all parties down the road.
  • Be Careful But Honest With Your Kids. Children are a lot more smarter than we give them credit for and it’s important that we give them the proper attribution that they deserve, however that doesn’t mean that we should introduce them to every person that we meet. Having an honest talk with them about love and dating, is important.
  • Talking Too Much About Your Ex. Last but not least it’s important that you don’t talk about your ex too much. You need to enjoy yourself. You are on a date after all.

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