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10 Things That May Increase Your Risk of Divorce

Relationship experts have compiled a list of 10 risk factors that can increase your chance of a divorce. Please note that these things do not specifically cause a divorce, but instead only increase the chances and may alert you that your marriage is in trouble. For more information, please contact The Law Corner for help with your divorce, separation, or family law needs.

  • Your Parents Divorced

Well there is no rule that if your parents divorce, you will automatically get divorced too. However, the data shows that many people that watched their parents get divorced as kids “contributes to your own propensity to experience divorce yourself.”

  • Drinking & Social Habits are Different

There are always those couples that have all of the same friends that go to the same bars and restaurants and have fun. But what happens when one person really likes to party and the other doesn’t; One person loves to be social and in large groups and the spouse likes small groups and quiet evenings- yet both social? While many people will accommodate the other when dating and maybe during and engagement, these tend to change when people get married and expect their spouse to eventually just get used to it. No – you cannot change people when it is an inherent like or dislike.

  • Got Married Too Young

Parents that want their children to wait on marriage, to make sure it is the right one, to take your time, they are absolutely right. Statistics shows that those that get married in their teens and early 20s are at a much higher risk of divorce than those that get married in their late 20s and early 30s. Yet, you do not want to wait too long because waiting until you are 32 or over increases your risk again.

  • You’re Very Attractive

Are you more attractive than your spouse? Or is your spouse more attractive than you? Or are you both very good looking? When both partners are very attractive, you have an increased risk of divorce. In most cases one of the parties will cheat or it is believed that one spouse cheated because the other partner understands first hand what the temptation is from outside attention.

  • You paid A Lot Of Money For Your Wedding

Did you pay the big bucks for your wedding? Those that spent over $20,000 for their wedding are at a higher risk of divorce. Comparing the numbers, those that spend $20k+ on a wedding are 3x more likely to get divorced than someone spending between $5k -$10k. Overall those that spent around $1,000 for their weddings were least likely to get divorced.

  • Had Children Very Soon

Couples that do not waste much time having children are at an increased risk for divorce. The data suggests that those that wait at least 8 months after their wedding to have a baby were more likely to make it to at least 15 years of marriage. Though, those that had a baby before the wedding day or within the first 7 months are at high risk.

  • Your First Born was a Girl

There is data that suggests that when the first child is a girl, that couple has a higher risk of divorce. This may be due to the fact that girls are able to survive in more stressful pregnancies so that girls are more likely to be born into marriages that were already strained.

  • You Don’t Have a College Degree

Research shows that more education aligns with longer lasting marriages. So those that have a high school diploma or GED are at higher risk of divorce than couples that have completed college or higher education.

  • You Are Not Religious

Women that do not recognize themselves as part of a religion have a marriage success (of at least 20 years) rate of 43%. This is because many religions push for marriages to succeed and that divorce is only a final option – not the first.

  • You’ve Already Been Married & Divorced

Just because you have been married before, does not mean that all of your relationships from that point forward are doomed. Yet, because you know what a divorce entails and you have already been through one, you may be more willing to do it again. 40% of second marriages end within 10 years.

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