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The Law Corner: We Value Contact with Clients

We understand that when you need legal help, you are also going to have questions and concerns too. At The Law Corner, we represent your best interest by having continuous contact with you. We want you to always feel as though you are “in the know” on your case. With this in mind, it is our pledge to return all client phone calls and to reply to client emails within 24 hours.

Client Communication & The Law Corner

The attorneys at The Law Corner take the necessary steps to make sure they can be responsive to their clients on a regular basis. Here are some of the steps taken to allow effective client communication at The Law Corner:

Eliminate Workload Constraints- While interruptions are part of a normal work environment, making interuptions minimal as well as using task management systems and current technology allows The Law Corner staff to be available to communicate with clients regularly.

The Client & The Decision Making Process- Including the client in the decision making process for their case is key in developing a parternship based on trust and attaining the clients goals.

The law corner treats you with integrity throughout the entire legal process and beyond The Law Corner focuses on contact with all of their clients to help them through the legal process meetings with your attorney at The Law Corner Raleigh happens where it is convinient for you. At the office, coffee shop, or wherever the client prefers.  Regular updates when you want them by your Raleigh Divorce and DWI attorneys at The Law Corner The Law Corner Raleigh attorneys are up front about their billing procedures so that all fees are known up front.

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