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Getting Regular Updates at The Law Corner

When you are a client at The Law Corner, you tell your Raleigh Lawyer how often you want updates on your case.

Getting Updates and Information About Your Legal Case

At The Law Corner, we do everything we can to fight for you and get the results you want. With this in mind, we recognize that you may want regular updates to know what is happening with your case so that you are “in the know” as much as possible. However, we also understand that you are busy, whether you have a full time job or other obligations, and that daily phone calls would not be ideal. When you choose The Law Corner for your legal needs, we let you choose when you want updates so that you can get the information you need in the time that works with your busy schedule.

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For more information about The Law Corner and how we can help you with your legal needs, give us a call at 919-424-8319. In the meantime, take a look at some of our client testimonals and blogs. We look forward to hearing from you!

The law corner treats you with integrity throughout the entire legal process and beyond The Law Corner focuses on contact with all of their clients to help them through the legal process meetings with your attorney at The Law Corner Raleigh happens where it is convinient for you. At the office, coffee shop, or wherever the client prefers.  Regular updates when you want them by your Raleigh Divorce and DWI attorneys at The Law Corner The Law Corner Raleigh attorneys are up front about their billing procedures so that all fees are known up front.

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