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Raleigh Child Custody and Visitations

Child Custody Raleigh North CarolinaAccording to the state of North Carolina, parents have equal rights to the custody of their children born of the marriage. In most cases, parents come together and work out a suitable agreement outside of the Court system. However, when parents cannot agree on custody arrangements, the Wake County Court will make a decision concerning custody based on what is in the best interest and welfare of the child. Below are a few common questions and answers related to child custody.

Raleigh Child Custody Questions

Q. Why do we need a signed agreement for the custody of our children in Wake County?

A. Without a written and signed agreement, for example, one parent can disrupt a child’s life by deciding suddenly to move the children to another school or city. Having an agreement in writing maintains consistency for the children, which is essential to their well-being. Custody and visitation arrangements can be written in a Separation Agreement along with decisions concerning spousal support and distribution of property. For more information about how to create a separation agreement, contact the Raleigh Family Law Attorneys at The Law Corner. These Raleigh Divorce Lawyers are here to help you through this process, every step of the way, to make this difficult time as simple as possible. Call The Law Corner at 919-424-8319.

Q. We cannot agree on custody arrangements in Raleigh. What is the next step?

A. In Wake County, one parent must file a Complaint, beginning a lawsuit in Raleigh for child custody. The parties will have to attend mediation, and possibly parenting classes. Eventually, if the parties cannot reach an agreement, a Wake County Trial Court judge will hear evidence and determine custody. To get help with your custody plans, contact a Family Law Attorney Raleigh for more assistance. The Law Corner attorneys are here to fight for you and are always in your corner. Call the Raleigh Lawyers at The Law Corner today at 919-424-8319.

Q. How does a Raleigh judge decide who gets custody of the children?

A. A Wake County judge uses many factors to determine child custody in the Raleigh area. Some of the main considerations are the ages of the children, the stability of a parent and their home environment, the time a parent has to spend with the children, efforts by either parent to undermine the other parent, facilitation of visitation and involvement of the other parent, Raleigh child abuse and neglect, drug and alcohol problems, the wishes of a child of sufficient age (not a controlling factor), and any acts of domestic violence between the parties. Additionally, there is no preference to choose a mother over a father. A Raleigh judge’s order for child custody and visitation will include findings of facts that support what the Wake County Judge feels is in the best interest of the children.

Q. What if my spouse is being unpredictable during the pending claim for custody in Raleigh?

A. If the child’s life becomes unstable or they need protection from a parent’s actions, a Wake County judge may enter temporary orders for the custody and support of children. For more information about temporary orders and how to get custody of your child(ren) in the Raleigh and Wake County areas, contact The Law Corner at 919-424-8319. The Raleigh Divorce Attorneys at The Law Corner are able to fight aggressively for you, while walking you through the process and necessary actions.

Q. What is joint legal custody?

A. When parents have joint legal custody in Raleigh, NC, they share in the decision making for the child on issues such as education and religion. It does not necessarily mean shared physical custody. In North Carolina, the vocabulary commonly used to describe custody arrangements does not have a set amount of physical time spent with a child associated with the term, for that reason, the arrangements written in the agreement are more important than what vocabulary we use. For more information about joint legal custody in Raleigh, NC contact the Family Law Attorneys Raleigh at The Law Corner. The Law Corner Attorneys are able to help you through the custody process in Wake County. Call The Law Corner or schedule a consultation at 919-424-8319 today!

Q. What is sole legal and physical custody?

A. In Raleigh and in Wake County, a parent who has sole custody makes all major decisions and has primary physical custody of the child. To get more information about sole legal and physical custody, contact the Raleigh Family Law Attorneys at The Law Corner at 919-424-8319. These experienced Raleigh Divorce Attorneys can help you with your custody needs and walk you through the process. At The Law Corner, we are always in your corner!

Q. If my spouse has primary physical custody of the children, what are my visitation rights in Raleigh?

A. The parent who is the non-custodial parent has the right to visit with their child. Similar to custody, many factors determine the visitation schedule. Children’s schedules, the distance the parents live apart, parent work schedules, etc., will determine visitation in Wake County and the Raleigh area. Younger children typically spend most of their time with the custodial parent and typically spend, at a minimum, every other weekend, a weekday evening, alternate holidays, and two weeks each summer with the non-custodial parent. For a 50/50 custody arrangement to succeed, parents must be very cooperative and amicable with one another. If parents end up in a Wake County courtroom to determine custody, it is not common for a judge to order this type of arrangement. For more information about your visitation rights in Raleigh, contact the Family Law Attorneys at The Law Corner today! Call 919-424-8319 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Raleigh Divorce Lawyer and know your rights.

Q. Once custody is agreed upon or ordered, can custody arrangements be changed in Wake County?

A. Custody agreements in Raleigh and the Wake County areas can always be modified. If there is a substantial change in circumstances and the parent asking for the change can show evidence that it is in the best interest of the children, a change in custody is possible. To modify your custody agreement, contact the Family Law Attorneys at The Law Corner. The experienced Raleigh Family Law Lawyers at The Law Corner are always in your corner and ready to fight aggressively for you. Call 919-424-8319 today to schedule your consultation.

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