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Meeting With an Attorney at The Law Corner

We meet with you as often as our schedule permits and always on an emergency basis whether it’s a weekday or weekend, day or night. We will even meet you in your home, office, or at a coffee shop.

The Law Corner: Meeting Your Lawyer

At The Law Corner, we understand the last minute pressures and anxieties that come before a trial, hearing, document signing, etc. With this in mind, we make ourselves available to meet whenever our schedules allow it. We can accomodate your needs and meet you in a convinient location, whether it be at your home or at a local cafe in Raleigh.

The law corner treats you with integrity throughout the entire legal process and beyond The Law Corner focuses on contact with all of their clients to help them through the legal process meetings with your attorney at The Law Corner Raleigh happens where it is convinient for you. At the office, coffee shop, or wherever the client prefers.  Regular updates when you want them by your Raleigh Divorce and DWI attorneys at The Law Corner The Law Corner Raleigh attorneys are up front about their billing procedures so that all fees are known up front.


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